irmp3-ncurses is a curses (text-based) GUI for irmp3. It supports the play commands, as well as the playlist and browser modules of irmp3. irmp3-ncurses is licensed under the GNU GPL.

screenshot of irmp3-ncurses on gnome-terminal

System Requirements

You need a Unix work-alike with a curses library installed. Despite the name, irmp3-ncurses should work with any version of curses; ncurses is only required if you want to use mouse support. PDCurses is also well supported

It works on at least Linux, FreeBSD and Windows (via Cygwin or MinGW).

You will require TCP/IP networking and irmp3 should have mod_netctl enabled. mod_playlist and mod_browser are also recommended.


The latest stable version is, released on 2006-01-14. (signature)

Binary versions are available for Slackware Linux (signature) and MS-Windows (signature).

Old versions can be found in the download directory.

All current releases are signed with my old PGP key, and future releases will be signed with my current PGP key.


Slackware Linux 10.2

irmp3-ncurses is available as a standard Slackware .tgz package. This package may also work on other Linux distros, so long as they have glibc 2.3.5 and ncurses 5.4 installed. However, building from source is simple.

Microsoft Windows

A basic MinGW build is now available, packaged as a .zip file containing the .exe and documentation. This file can be unzipped to any location. The MinGW port (which uses PDCurses) does not yet have all of the features found in ncurses versions of the program, so Cygwin users are invited to build their own version from source.

From source (all platforms)

Full details are in the README file of the tarball, but here's the mandatory quickstart:

$ tar -xjvf irmp3-ncurses-version.tar.bz2
$ cd irmp3-ncurses-version/
$ ./configure
$ make
$ su
# make install

You don't need to make install it if you don't want to, it will run happily from any location. However, versions 0.5.0 and greater include NLS, which will not work until it has been installed.
By default, support is included only for 0.5.x versions of irmp3. You can enable support for irmp3 0.4.x with ./configure --enable-v04x. Similarly, irmp3 0.5.x can be disabled using ./configure --disable-v05x.
Other options are described in the README file and ./configure --help.

Although this program may be compilable with non-Unix C compilers, a Unix-like environment is still required in order to run the configure script. Such environments for MS Windows include MSYS, Cygwin and SFU. MacOS X should be supported with no additional software.


To run it, it's just irmp3-ncurses host[:port]. If you're lazy (like me) you can set the default host and port using ./configure and then just miss it off the command line. Details in the README.

The basic play commands use the numpad, details are in the man page (man 1 irmp3-ncurses). The manual page is also available online here. As of version 0.5.3, the program also contains a "quick help" function accessible through the '?' key.


Comments, suggestions, bug reports, flames or whatever to I'd like to hear how it went for you. Success or failure reports are appreciated.

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